Hypothyroidism: A condition misdiagnosed and misunderstood

The standard blood tests used to diagnose inadequate thyroid hormone regulation leading to hypothyroidism evaluate free T3, free T4 and TSH hormone levels in the blood. There’s also a test called TRH (thyroid releasing hormone) stimulation test. Using these tests, Dr. Lowe (from Mercola.com) was able to determine that many of those patients could be diagnosed with central hypothyroidism. Over 50% of thyroid blood tests come back normal even if your symptoms show otherwise.

-Dr. Lowe states, “They didn’t have a thyroid gland problem where the thyroid gland wasn’t producing a thyroid hormone, but they had either a problem with the hypothalamus or with the pituitary gland,” he explains.

Your pituitary gland, or master gland, secretes and releases the majority of hormones that your organs and body needs to regulate normal daily function. Your thyroid gland, specifically, deals with several of the daily metabolic activities such as:

  1. Regulating core body temperature
  2. Heart rate
  3. Breathing

When the thyroid gland is dysfunctional, it can cause several symptoms.  These may include, but are not limited to : dry skin, hair loss, weight gain, excessive muscle tension and trigger points, and fatigue.

It is critical that you balance your thyroid gland by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, limiting consumption of processed carbohydrates, and increasing consumption of quality protein sources.  Also, ensuring that you are exercising 30-40 minutes per day for 3-4 days per week of moderate to high intensity cardiovascular exercise, will begin to balance your thyroid gland by controlling and secreting the proper amount of thyroid hormones for the body’s metabolic and digestive functions.

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