Back Injury Prevention Tips

Back pain is something that nearly everyone experiences at some point in life – it’s almost unavoidable.  In order to limit your chance for back injury, here are some helpful tips.

  1. Stretch and warm up before any physical activities. Muscle strain in the lower back is an extremely common injury, especially among athletes, that can usually be avoided with proper preparation.
  2. Stay hydrated and take frequent breaks to avoid back spasms and cramps.
  3. Practice proper lifting techniques. Lift with your knees, keep your back erect and abdominal muscles tight, and don’t twist or rotate when lifting.
  4. Avoid or limit high-impact activities and sports that commonly cause injury.
  5. Be extra careful on slippery surfaces.
  6. Avoid repetitive activities (bending, twisting, lifting, etc.) or prolonged vibration that put additional stress on the spine and can accelerate degenerative disc disease.
  7. Practice good posture when you’re walking, sitting and even lying down. This means keeping your back straight, head forward, and shoulders back.
  8. Eat healthy foods and maintain a good body weight. The burden of supporting additional body weight puts additional stress on the spine and contributes to injury.

If you unfortunately do experience back pain, contact your doctor if your back pain has lasted for several days, is interfering with motor function, or has become debilitating. In most cases, back pain can be managed with a conservative course of action, including adjustment, heat therapy, massage therapy, physical therapy, and more.


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