Simple Tips to Avoid Lower Back Pain from Running

Stretching the muscle groups prior to working out has been a constant suggestion for decades. The ability to loosen the muscles has been shown to reduce injuries and increase recovery time between exercise sessions. The key to stretching is to utilize exercises that don’t put strain on the back.

Posture is key. If your body is not aligned along the straight line going through the shoulders, hips, and forefoot on support, but is bent forward instead, then you are likely to have a torque (a rotating or twisting force) at the lower back level when landing on the heel or forefoot in front of the body.

A strong core increases stability in the body that is essential for those who are currently experiencing lower back pain while running. By having strong abdominals, runners are more likely to have a more correct posture and put less strain on the spine and supporting muscles. In addition to regular abdominal exercises, consider adding the plank and variations of the exercises into your training routine.

The impact of the road and trails on a runner can be reduced by choosing shoes that are specifically designed for the purpose. Runners should be light and have a level of stability that you are comfortable with. Try to determine your foot type; for instance if you have a low arch choose runners with motion control, and if you have a high arch choose cushioned running shoes. Additionally, you may want to consider getting custom fit orthotics to give your feet proper support.

Other tips:

  • Do not pound the ground with your heels
  • Do not land on the heels
  • Do not push the ground off with your legs
  • Keep your trunk and hips aligned over the point of support
  • Do not land in front of the body, but do that under the hips or general center of mass
  • Strengthen your hip muscle system around 360 degrees by doing hip exercise
  • Develop higher level of elasticity of your muscles by using jump exercises

By following these simple tips, you can reduce the chances of lower back pain from running.

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