5 Benefits of a Massage

While there are many types of massage, like a neck massage, back massage, or face massage, many people prefer to get a whole-body massage to enjoy the relaxing pleasure of kneaded muscles all over the torso and limbs. Some people get a hot stone massage or a Swedish massage, depending on their interests or physical therapy needs. Even a spouse can give you a massage, which can ease weary joints, tired backs, and strained cartilage. Here are five reasons to get a massage:

1. Massage relieves pain.

Doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists understand that one of the benefits of massage is the pain relief it can provide. In the hands of a skilled masseuse, someone suffering from chronic pain or certain types of injury can experience immediate, partial, or temporary relief.

 2. Massage eases tension.

Physical tension caused by standing at your job all day or carrying umpteen bags of junk out of the basement can be relieved by getting a massage to relax those worn muscles and limbs.

3. Massage relaxes inflamed muscles.

If you play sports, chances are there will be times when you overdo it or perhaps pull a muscle that has not warmed up property. Consider getting a massage to ease the tension and soreness of limbs damaged by sports-related injuries. Let the masseuse know before getting a massage if you have a muscle injury.

4. Massage improves circulation.

Whether you’re feeling sluggish, have been doing too much deskwork, or don’t get enough exercise, a massage can help to stimulate your body tissues and improve circulatory flow. For some people, massage can lower blood pressure and improve pulse rates to actually contribute to overall improved health.

5. Massage reduces stress.

A whole-body massage can relax those stiff muscles that may be causing tension headaches. It can help to free your mind of stressful events or difficult emotions, at least temporarily. Having a massage puts the focus on you and the present, taking it from problems and the past or future. You can escape challenges and problems by languishing in the care of a trained masseuse whose firm hands will roll the tension right out of your body.

The benefits of massage encompass many areas of life, from physical to emotional, and even social needs. Contact us today and schedule your next massage!

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