Benefits of Stretching

10 minutes of stretching first thing in the morning can give you the following benefits:

Increased flexibility. Stretching helps delay the onset of the inflexibility that comes with maturity. As we age, our range of motion decreases, we lose tendon flexibility and our capacity to perform regular activities – climbing stairs, pushing open doors, shoveling – isn’t as easy as it was when we were younger.

Decreases ergonomic stress on our bodies. If you work at a desk with a computer or if you stand in the same spot at work all day long, then you know how your body feels at the end of the day. Not too good, does it? That’s why stretching can help you undo some of the damage placed on your body by your work environment, so you get that healthy movement back. Stretching before work and after work will get the kinks out of your bones, muscles and tendons. Your body will thank you for it.

Detoxify your body. This is a little-known bonus to stretching. It actually helps remove toxins from your muscles and joints. So if you stretch first thing in the morning, you really are starting the day off with a clean slate. That’s because a good stretch will move oxygen towards stiff muscles and dispel the toxins within.


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