Chiropractic in Athletics… You need them more than you think!

If you compete in recreational sports seasonally or throughout the year, you may get hurt playing.  Most people don’t realize how these injuries can accumulate over time and affect our ability to compete at a high level.  We’ve all learned the mentality that if we get injured, we’re told to “shake it off” or wait until the pain gets so bad that we stop doing what we enjoy/love.  One shouldn’t wait until the injury(ies) get severe enough so that you stop competing. Some medical doctors may even tell you to stop playing to allow the injury to heal.  Putting a band-aid on a temporary issue does not solve how the problem started or what is causing your pain currently.

Most professional athletes employ the use of a chiropractor either through referral of current players or by the training staff of the team they play for.  According to an article published in March/April 2002 in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics about chiropractic care and NFL players, the results showed that 53% of head NFL trainers would refer and did refer their players for chiropractic care.  Moreover, 100% of trainers agree that some players use chiropractic care without referral from team medical staff (this is just at the NFL level, but also consider collegiate athletics, NBA, NHL, and PGA tour and how athletes seek out chiropractic care for their injuries through teammates and/or colleagues).  Having a chiropractor on your healthcare team as professional athletes do allows you to maintain your mobility, flexibility and avoid injury because chiropractors are able to realign any joints that have misaligned, or subluxated.

Chiropractic care can prevent injuries while you compete so you can play without pain, play well, and have fun! Please contact my office if you have any questions about how chiropractic can change the way you participate and play.  Check back for next month’s blog!

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