Frozen Shoulder… Don’t Wait Until its Too Late

Frozen Shoulder, AKA Adhesive Capsulitis, develops after several months of disuse or lack of use.  We’ve all heard the saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it” and this is very true with frozen shoulder.  Patients typically suffer rotator cuff tendon injuries prior and over time, the injury worsens where scar tissue develops around the head of the humerus restricting the motion in the shoulder.  The trick is to getting treatment and addressing the problem when you initially suffer a rotator cuff tendon injury.  Failure to seek treatment/help can result in frozen shoulder in just a few short months and it can drastically impact your daily activities and your ability to do even simple things as getting dressed or showering.
The initial diagnosis and subsequent treatment is made based on conservative care for a period of 3 months where the range of motion and flexibility plateau or worsen.  More often, both active and passive motion are lost over time.  The key to treatment is to break down the scar tissue formed around the head of the humerus (arm bone) and shoulder capsule, where many of the rotator cuff tendons attach.  Active Release Treatment (ART) can help to break down scar tissue formed.  It is uncomfortable because the purpose of the treatment is to restore both range of motion and flexibility within your shoulder.  Also, chiropractic adjustments to the shoulder and neck will allow better communication between the nerves and the muscles it supplies resulting in contraction.  Lastly, rehab exercises to increase function and range of motion are critical to the problem resolving itself faster.  Because this problem happened over time, it will take time to resolve.  If symptoms don’t resolve, then it’s necessary to schedule a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon to try to help surgically repair the shoulder.  This should be utilized as a last resort as getting consistent treatment and doing rehab will help you recover.
So, as you can see… Frozen shoulder is terrible to deal with and can severely impact your function and ability to do what you enjoy. If you or someone you know isn’t sure if you have this or are currently dealing with it and haven’t seen the results you want, then contact me so we can discuss this further to see if I can help.
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