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Sports Chiropractic addressing PAR-Q for Sports Participation

I treat patients who are considering exercise by going over a PAR-Q first.  The PAR-Q, or Physical Activity Readiness-Questionnaire, provides information about the safety of starting an exercise program or participating in a particular sport.  It gives information about the risk factors, and the potential risks associated with cardiovascular health.  It has a 100% sensitivity and 80% specificity of detecting medical indications making it not suitable to compete in sports and/or exercise.\

The PAR-Q addresses 7 KEY questions:

  1. Have you had any heart problems or pain?
  2. Have you or do you suffer from chest pain?
  3. Have you felt faint, fainted, or had spells of severe dizziness?
  4. Have you had High Blood pressure, or hypertension?
  5. Have you dealt with joint pain or pain aggravated by exercise that affects your joints?
  6. Are you over 65 years of age and not used to exercising?
  7. Is there a legitimate, physical reason why you should not follow an exercise/activity program?

Chicago sports medicine chiropractor for running injuriesThese 7 questions address the basics of your risk for serious injury before you get clearance to participate or compete in any physical activity or sport.  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, consulting with a sports medicine chiropractor will help you determine your risk before starting any exercise to avoid any injury before it occurs.

By knowing your risks, you can inevitably reduce major harm or injury such as a heart attack, stroke, or fracture.  If you are unsure about these 7 questions, consult with a sports chiropractor to determine your risk.

Your HEALTH is important.  It is time for YOU to take control.

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