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Suffered a Sports Injury… Let a Sports Chiropractor help you!

When playing or competing in sports, injuries can and may occur when you least expect it.  Whether you have been training for a 1/2 or full marathon, playing softball or basketball recreationally, or in your off-season training for your upcoming season, it is important not to wait until the injury prevents you from continuing your sport.  Sports Certified Chiropractors take a different approach to how an injury is addressed.  Many chiropractors say they treat sports injuries, but aren’t certified to do so.  Sports certified Chiropractors evaluate, manage, and treat the injury properly to get you back onto the field so you can avoid missing serious time away from what you enjoy or love doing most.  The amount of time one spends away from his/her sport varies according to the type of injury, severity of injury, body part involved and other situational factors.  Sports certified chiropractors identify how the injury occurred through a detailed and comprehensive examination, correctly identifying the mechanism of injury (MOI).  Moreover, functional tests are performed as part of one’s initial examination, to determine what tissues are/remain strong and subsequently, what tissues are weak causing the possible injury.  Also, many sports chiropractors put together an RTP (return to play) criteria for each athlete based on the circumstances of their injury.

Dr. Marion works with his athletes to create an effective, and sensible rehab plan to get his athletes back on the field.  He will ensure that the athlete goes through each phase of the RTP criteria properly.  One of the biggest mistakes an amateur/competitive athlete makes is returning to play too quickly because he/she admits they feel good (before being cleared to play).  This will  lengthen their recovery time in their injury (ies) healing.  Proper steps must be taken to ensure the athlete’s safety to avoid complications in the future.

If you or someone you know has recently sustained a sports injury, take them to a sports certified chiropractor to get the treatment and care they

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