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Why Active Release Techniques (ART)® is Effective for Soft Tissue Injuries

Most of us will sustain a soft tissue injury at some point in our life due to trauma, micro-trauma, or repetition.  Whether you are sitting or standing for work for long periods, working in the manufacturing/labor industry, or are a recreational/competitive athlete, soft tissue injuries to your muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia (connective tissue), and possible your nerves are likely.  The key to treating your injuries are timing and having them evaluated and examined as quickly as you can to avoid missing time away from your job or sport you perform.

Active Release Techniques (ART)® is one of, if not, the leading treatment for soft injury when it comes to these kinds of injuries.  ART® was developed by Dr. Michael Leahy, to help people and athletes recover from soft tissue therapies that didn’t yield faster and longer-lasting results.   Over the past 30 years, he has continued to help ART® evolve and grow into one of more the recognizable brands when it comes to working with athletes of all types and people who may not be as active.

ART® is not a typical treatment from other soft tissue/stretching techniques you may have had previously.  Every ART® provider is required to attend a 4 day long seminar with the final day concluding with a practical exam to ensure that providers know the basics of ART® (pressure, depth, tension, location of the structure, and movement of the tissue being stretched) to apply to their patients when they arrive Monday AM from a weekend seminar.  ART® is effective because it aims to break down scar tissue that has formed due to repetitive movement or overuse from either an acute or chronic injury.  Patients can see relief quickly to help them resume their activity or get back to doing what they enjoy doing most within a few treatments when properly diagnosed and evaluated.   Also, ART® is not a static treatment compared to massage.  With ART®, one will move their body part through an active range of motion to simulate how the tissue moves when a person activates this tissue or surrounding tissues that contributed to his/her injury.  Typically, several passes of the injured tissue(s) occur to improve the flexibility, mobility, and range of motion here while decreasing your pain.  It may require more than a few treatments to fix the problem despite you still competing in your sport or performing your job responsibilities that led to the injury initially.

As part of your chiropractic treatment, recommendations may be given to ensure proper healing and to stabilize the tissue(s) involved so re-injury doesn’t occur shortly after relief is given.  It is important to understand that ART® is 1 component of a treatment plan to get you the relief you need.  Usually, rehabilitation is part of this to ensure proper stability and healing of the tissues.  As effective as ART® can be for many patients, relief is not guaranteed for all.  It tends to treat different soft tissue conditions that other health care professionals haven’t had success with.   It can provide relief for the following soft tissue conditions: bursitis, tendinitis, sprains, muscle strains, and nerve compression injuries.

Active Release treats many commonly occurring soft tissue injuries that active patients can get from overuse and repetitive movements.  Don’t let an injury keep you from doing what you want to do!

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