3 Summer Sports/Activities that Chicagoans may Need a Chiropractor For

As summer kicks into full swing, most of us try to take advantage of the great weather Chicago brings in the summer.  It can involve attending different farmer’s markets and/or street festivals.  Additionally, you will be more active outside, trying to shake off that winter/spring weather that kept you inside for the past several months.  There will be several activities that you likely do throughout the summer that are either ones you enjoy or something you have recently picked up that you want to continue.  This blog post will address 3 of the most common sports/activities that may cause injury forcing you to seek out chiropractic care for your injury.

Beach Volleyball

Beach VolleyballIf you pick up summer beach volleyball at North Ave Beach or one of the other beaches along Chicago’s Lake Front, you may sustain an injury.  With volleyball, there is a lot of jumping, striking, and running throughout each game you play.  If proper stretching and warm-up is not done, you may become at greater risk for injury.  Most injuries sustained with volleyball are non-traumatic.   Common sports injuries associated with volleyball include rotator cuff, lower back, and calf injuries because of the repetitive movement and overuse one may develop from playing a great deal through the summer.  Sports chiropractors can identify and accurately determine the cause of how this started to begin with despite possibly suffering the injury while playing. Sports chiropractors can utilize different rehab exercises to strengthen and stabilize your rotator cuff, spine, and legs, in addition to manipulation of these areas alongside Active Release Techniques to treat any soft tissue injuries that come about from playing.   It is important to understand that sports chiropractors will give you the tools to remain healthy once you have decided to treat your injury so that you can reduce the likelihood of increasing both the frequency and intensity of an episode.


runningYou may have thought about running your first 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, full marathon, or running different races throughout the summer that you have ran previously.  Running in Chicago can create injury because of a lack of elevation coupled with a great deal of concrete/asphalt.  Often, as you train, injuries can come up that may affect your ability to run/train because of the compressive load placed upon your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and spine.  Injuries can come about at first that seem mild in nature, but as you run/train more, the injuries can quickly escalate affecting your function and your running gait.  Sports chiropractors can help identify weaknesses in your running gait and correct them with rehab exercises, chiropractic manipulation, and Active Release techniques, including Kinesiotape, to help support the injured tissue.  Chiropractic treatment will shorten recovery times and limit the impact of your injury so you can continue to run/train for your upcoming race.


CyclingRiding your bike along Chicago’s Lakefront that extends for many miles in either north or south is quite breathtaking.  Whether you have recently picked up cycling from a friend or it’s something you have wanted to do now that summer is here, it can be a great workout, but it can also lead to injury.  Moreover,  with duathlon and triathlon participation rising, the training demands and regimen necessary to participate in these races have increased.  These demands can cause injuries to the hips, knees, groin, and hamstrings from overuse.  Sports Chiropractors will focus on ensuring proper form in your bike or recommend that you have a cycling store fit you properly in your seat, in addition to exercises to either stretch or strengthen certain tissues that may have led to the injury.

No matter what sport/activity you decide to pick up this summer, make sure that you don’t wait until the injury to too late to try to fix.  Become proactive in your care to help reduce injury and stay injury-free through a busy, yet short Chicago summer.

Brian Marion, DC, CCSP, ART, CKTP

Lincoln Park Chiropractic & Sports Associates 2202 N. Lincoln Ave Ste 1 Chicago, IL 60614

773-248-2790 www.lincolnparkchiropractic.com

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