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Kinesiotape – It Does More Than You Think!

Kinesiotape was designed by Dr. Kenzo Kaze, a chiropractor, currently practicing in New Mexico.  He has revolutionized how this tape helps athletes of all calibres, from amateur athletes, to Olympians, and finally, to collegiate and professional athletes to help them compete at a high level.  Sports chiropractors can be certified in Kinesiotape, but there are other competitors (Rocktape, Spider Tech, KT tape)  that other health care professionals utilize.  Kinesiotape was the original company to change how tape helps athletes compete and tends to be the most effective, but most sports medicine chiropractors utilize taping to help their athletes stay active, but also stay as healthy as they can.

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Kinesiotape can be utilized in 6 different ways.  One can utilize this tape for muscle inhibition, muscle activation, joint correction, and joint function, swelling, and fascia corrections.  Kinesiotape affects changes at multiple tissues levels, including the skin, fascia, blood supply, nerve, and muscle.  Depending on the tissue injured, the sports chiropractor will tape the correct tissue to support you while playing what sport you are limited in or what activity you haven’t done.  Because Kinesiotape is water-resistant, it can be worn in the shower, but one needs to pat the area dry to allow it to stay on longer.  There are instances where people have a small skin reaction to the tape as it is made with cotton-woven fabric and acrylic glue.  Kinesiotape generally lasts about 3-5 days, and can last longer, but humidity, activity, and perspiration can affect how long or short the tape adheres to the skin.

It is important to note that it is not recommended to tape yourself.  There are varying amounts of tension that one has to put into the tape that certified Kinesiotape health care professionals know.  Sports chiropractors that are certified will have familiarity with how much tension to utilize when taping a particular tissue based on a sports injury.  Because taping plays such a role in supporting sports injuries sustained, sports chiropractors using Kinesiotape allows one to educate their patients about their injury and how they can help themselves in their recovery.

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