Groin Strains… An Athlete’s Nightmare!

Groin strains are common injuries athletes suffer as part of training or playing.  Because there are several groin muscles, it is easy for them to strain due to overuse.  Often, the groin muscles become weak and tight associated with rapid/sudden movements of his/her respective sport.  Most groin strains are of minimal nature (Grade I), which indicates micro-tearing of the muscle belly fibers in the middle of the muscle.  If a grade II strain was to occur, it may cause significant issues with his/her gait, and the mechanics of how an athlete performs in his/her sport, resulting in missed time in playing.

Sports chiropractors treat groin injuries in several ways with the importance of getting the athlete 100% healthy.  Otherwise, the groin injury is likely to linger and reoccur causing limitations and a high rate of re-injury.  If it doesn’t heal properly, surgery may be needed eventually to repair it.  Often, surgery can be avoided, but proper care is needed when it comes to treatment.  Kinesiotape is often utilized by a sports chiropractor certified in it to help support the groin muscle(s) involved.

Moreover, sports chiropractors will prescribe various rehabilitative exercises to help stretch the groin muscle(s) that are injured, but also strengthen the athlete’s gluteal and pelvic floor muscles to stabilize the groin.  Finally, adjusting the pelvis, and/or hip will help to re-align these joints to allow proper movement of the groin muscle so additional load is not placed upon it with sport.

Groin strains can take time to heal if not properly treated.  Otherwise, athletes will have recurring injuries forcing them to see their sports chiropractor or other sports-certified health professional to treat it during their season or off-season.

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