Active Release Techniques (ART) and Management of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis, or inflammation of the tissue at the bottom of the foot, is a common condition that affects both athletes and non-athletes alike.  Often, it is brought about because of a pronated (or depressed/sunken) arch/foot and wearing poorly supported shoes.  Other contributing factors, including being overweight/obese, standing for long periods at his/her job, and inactivity.  Athletes who suffer from plantar fasciitis will develop it from overuse and repetitive movement (running, and cycling).  This post will discuss how Active Release Techniques (ART) treats this condition and how one can display a proactive approach to avoid this debilitating pain.

ART certified chiropractors who have experience look at plantar fascia in different ways.  Many ART chiropractors address 3 components.  The first component identifies the mechanism of injury by which the plantar fascia inflamed (pronated arch, overuse).  The second component involves treatment of the various tissues by the ART chiropractor, involving the calf, foot, and shin.  The treatment will include manipulation to the ankle and various parts of the foot, ART to reduce scar tissue and to increase the length of the shortened and irritated tissues.  Lastly, the third component encompasses rehab exercises, including Kinesiotape, to provide support to the injury to avoid re-aggravation and irritation.  This combined approach allows the patient to seek relief faster.

Depending on the length of time the patient complained of the injury in their initial history will influence their recovery.  Most patient see some relief within 3-6 visits, but some cases do take longer to achieve positive results.  Understanding their gait patterns and having the patient walk in the chiropractor’s office creates a better outcome because the ART chiropractor will analyze gait.  Analyzing gait will address the patient’s needs better so that ART and the treatment the chiropractor performs can create an appropriate treatment plan for help the patient reach their goals with chiropractic treatment.

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