Overtraining Syndrome (OTS)… It’s Real and Affects Performance!

Athletes spend months often training for various events and competitions.  They undergo rigorous training preparing themselves to compete at a high level to succeed and win at their sport.  As athletes train, they can train so vigorously  causing his/her performance to suffer, causing overtraining syndrome (OTS), requiring days to weeks to recover.  This could impact the athlete’s ability to compete.  The athlete needs to have a proper health care team, including a nutritionist, sports chiropractor, and strength coach to help him/her recognize signs of overtraining and prevent OTS.

OTS results in chronic inflammation to the body, including several systems in the body (endocrine, neurological, and musculoskeletal), including changes to mood, fatigue, and hormone imbalances.  A general list of OTS symptoms provided by Sports Health with the link attached here indicates general symptoms and/or signs that may represent OTS.  Athletes need to recognize their training regimen and work with his/her health care team to ensure proper training and recovery guidelines as their competition/event nears.

Signs of Overtraining Chicago Sports Chiropractic

Sports chiropractors can help athletes as they train to stay healthy by keeping their joints in optimal alignment, keeping their muscles loose, and working with their strength coach to create a program to avoid injury while training.  From a stretching standpoint, Active Release Techniques (ART) helps to stretch and break down scar tissue from overuse in their training.  ART and chiropractic manipulation will help the athlete achieve proper joint functioning while not compromising their performance.  Sports chiropractors can provide nutritional guidance to help their athletes avoid fatigue, injury, and overtraining.  It is critical to ask pertinent questions during the consult/taking a history when the athlete presents to your office about his/her training regimen to help determine if OTS is present or on its way. Get the athlete learning about how better take care of his his/her body.

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