Sitting is the new smoking - chiropractic posture

Sitting Is the New Smoking For Your Posture!

As more employers continue to increase the work demands and stress of their fellow employees, fellow Chicagoans are forced to sit more or at least, spend long periods in front of their computer tackling deadlines, and assignments.  As a result, it does not allow them as much time to stay active in neighborhoods like Lincoln Park and Lakeview to run along the lake, play sports such as flag football or soccer in the fall, or work out at local gyms/athletic clubs.  One should learn after this post how to sit properly and what you can do to help prevent injury from sitting at work.

Chiropractic care for bad postureSitting for long periods can and likely may lead to many injuries, including headaches, neck pain, upper and middle back pain, and shoulder pain.  It is important to note that getting up every 1-1.5 hours is critical to not developing poor posture.  Setting a reminder in your phone and/or posting a Post-It note near your computer about your posture will allow you to become more aware of it.  Working with a sports chiropractor will help to develop good postural habits by giving patients several tools to exhibit better posture.  One tool, includes integrating rehab exercises to help strengthen the muscles between your shoulder blades and in the front of your neck.  This prevents shoulder slouching and head drooping.  Also, chiropractors go over stretches to alleviate pain and muscle tension from the tissues that are causing your poor posture.  Additionally, manipulation to the spine helps to re-align the vertebrae and increase movement in these areas of your neck and back where poor posture is likely limiting your movement and increasing your stiffness. Finally, applying heat with a barrier for 20-30 minutes at a time will help to improve blood flow, decrease pain and stiffness, including muscle tension.

All of these measures are critical to changing one’s posture when sitting, but making yourself aware of it is by the far the largest determinant to making sustained change.  Sports chiropractors help their patients recognize how they can improve their health in a short period of time.   Posture won’t kill you like smoking, but it will lead to long-standing problems such as disc injuries, arthritis, and poor health.  If you do not make changes now to your posture, it will be more difficult to make changes as you get older.  Don’t let posture get in the way of the things you enjoy!

As always, it’s your Health!

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