Cross-Training and its Importance to Injury Prevention

Many hard-working Chicagoans living in Lincoln Park and Lakeview typically incorporate some of activity away from work.  The stressors of working long days of either standing or sitting at their desks and/or jumping from meeting to meeting tend to create a perfect opportunity take advantage of what Chicago offers by way of fitness when confined to an office. One tends to typically spend time performing different workouts and work out classes from running along the lake to bootcamp classes.  There are many options when it comes to working out in Chicago, but the biggest mistake is performing the same workouts week in and week out.  Despite soreness following a workout, the camaraderie with friends or fellow classmates, and falling in love, one needs to consider cross-training to prevent injury.  Taking the same workout classes or performing the same workouts will likely lead to injury from overuse and repetitive movement to muscles, ligaments, bones (specifically the joints that move the body), and possibly nerves.  The critical importance of cross-training allows one to continue to work out at a high level and avoid an overuse injury.

Cross training and chiropractic care in chicagoCross-training with Pilates or strength training that focuses on isolating or targeting weaker muscle groups are necessary to continue one’s workout regimen.  Pilates instructor Logan Hutt with her studio in Lincoln Park, and Hustle Fitness, a fitness training studio (also in Lincoln Park), are 2 different and very effective businesses that focus on injury prevention.  They provide expertise and guidance to address your health goals and optimize your performance.  Chiropractic care helps to reduce muscle tension, pain, and improve function, but cross-training with either 1 of them will save you money on needing more chiropractic care, but also, staying active.  Once you begin to cross-train, it will allow you to become stronger, faster, and healthier.

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