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Active Release Techniques (ART) in Chicago… It’ll Help YOU Stay Active!

Chicagoans are very busy professionals spending short windows daily to work out and squeeze in physical exercise among the demands of his/her jobs.  The mentality of working hard and playing hard is what makes Chicago so appealing despite the short summers and cold winters.  Despite this, Chicagoans tend to stay very busy taking a plethora of exercise classes including HIIT workouts, spinning, Pilates, and Yoga.  Whatever exercise passion you are currently locked into, if you do not change your workouts throughout the week, one will likely suffer an injury due to overuse and repetitive movement.

When one does suffer an injury, he/she is likely to seek out a few different health care professionals, including chiropractors, that can address his/her injury(ies).  Chiropractors certified in Active Release Techniques (ART) tend to attack soft tissue injuries differently and more efficiently than other health care professionals because these chiropractors can identify the mechanism of injury (MOI).  The MOI can lead the ART chiropractor to address not just the cause of the injury, but also the pain.  Once the tissue(s) is/are identified following a comprehensive examination, ART can help to improve flexibility, range of motion, and function.  ART addresses injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerve injuries.  ART breaks down scar tissue to improve range of motion, and movement of the affected joints.  Patients generally report some improvement after 3-5 visits when receiving ART, so the results can increase exponentially with rehab exercises and manipulation of these joints too.  As the patient shows consistency in following treatment recommendations, he/she will progress faster in their recovery and get back to doing what they enjoy.  ART supplements one’s recovery to allow continued exercise without having to stop.

It is YOUR Health.  Take Control!

Brian Marion, DC, CCSP, ART,CKTP

Lincoln Park Chiropractic 2202 N. Lincoln Ave Suite 1 Chicago, IL 60614

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