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Hip Injuries: How Active Release Techniques (ART) helps You to Recover

As fellow Chicagoans embrace 2018 with new workouts and transforming your body from the holiday food comas (with Christmas and New Years) and work parties, you will likely try and find a new workout to get healthy.  As you begin new workouts and experimenting with different kinds of workouts (HIIT, spinning, CrossFit, Pilates), you may suffer injuries due to overuse.  It is important to stretch either before and after a workout or at least after for about 10-15 minutes to help reduce injuries.  With all of these intense workouts, you may be prone to hip injuries because of the impact and load this part of the body takes.  As these classes continue, you will likely overuse a tissue or two as they continue to take these classes multiple times weekly.

Hip injuries are 1 of the more common areas one can injure with demanding exercise classes.  The hip is a freely, movable ball-and-socket joint, creating instability and hence, an increased susceptibility to injuries.   Many of the injuries involving the hip can include muscular strains, tendinitis, bursitis, and impingement (chronic).  These injuries involve weakness of generally one’s pelvic floor and gluteal muscles.   These injuries can impact your workouts, daily activities, and movement.

When one injures their hip, consider going to a sports chiropractor for proper evaluation and examination.  Functional testing (squats, lunges for example), in addition to a thorough exam are performed to help identify the cause and site of your hip injury.  Chiropractors certified in Active Release Techniques (ART) can help heal hip injuries by breaking scar tissue accumulated through overuse and repetitive movement to your muscles and tendons.  ART can treat these soft tissues of and around the hip to help improve flexibility, mobility, and function.  Sports certified ART chiropractors also will couple manipulation to help the hip joint stay in its proper alignment and address rehab exercises to help strengthen the hip where it is weak.  ART will help either an acute/sudden and/or chronic hip injury as it aims to improve your movement quickly and suddenly.  ART allows you to hopefully get back to doing what you enjoy faster.  Once you respond and are resuming your workouts and daily activities, then it is your decision to address the cause of the problem and prevent the hip problem from returning and/or re-visit this issue if the pain comes back.  It is YOUR Health! Make the right call.

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