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Active Release, Chiropractic, and Pilates…They Go so Well Together

Many Chicagoans stay active through different kinds of exercise.  Some focus on HIIT and weight training, while others work on flexibility, and strength.  Changing up your workouts (despite engaging in the same exercise regimen) every 6-8 weeks is critical to the development of stability.  Individuals focusing on Pilates should do their homework in finding a Pilates instructor with extensive experience to ensure it is the right fit.  Pilates instructors and chiropractors work well together because chiropractors want their patients to get stronger and more flexible minimizing injury.

Chiropractor and Pilates working in tandemChiropractors can increase stability in the joints that are injured through manipulation and can work with these instructors to increase the patient’s flexibility and stability.  Chiropractors certified in Active Release Techniques (ART) can help patients improve their flexibility and mobility to allow Pilates instructors to make working out more efficient.  Chiropractors will often work with Pilates instructors because they understand movement patterns from their coursework and training.  ART Chiropractors help patients move better because they break up scar tissue formed from an injury (whether old or new).  As the patient reports more flexibility and less pain with chiropractic care, Pilates addresses strength and mobility through a particular area increasing the efficiency of their workouts, but making them challenging too.

Logan Hutt, a great Pilates instructor who owned and operated her Los Angeles studio for over 10 years, recently reopened her Pilates studio in Lincoln Park in Chicago.  Logan brings a ton of experience and fun to her clients.  The best part of her Pilates studio is that all of her current clients get 1-1 exposure and it does not cost an arm and a leg.  You can visit her Instagram account, @logan8rfitness to see more content and understand how effective and outstanding a Pilates professional Logan is.  She takes the time to explain why you are doing a particular exercise and communicates well in helping you reach your fitness goals by creating a welcoming and fun environment.  She makes Pilates fun, but demanding so you can get the most out of your workouts.

ART Chiropractors and Pilates work well together, so take the time to find out how they can help you get through an injury to get you back to what you enjoy most!

Brian Marion, DC, CCSP, ART, CKTP

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