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Sports Chiropractors Treat Many Injuries (Even Ones You Would Not Think About)!

As spring tries to come to an end and moves into summer here in Chicago, many Chicagoans are likely to participate outdoors, including biking and running along the lakefront, playing golf, and beach volleyball to name a few.  As fellow Chicagoans head to the lakefront for these activities weekly, there is a possibility he/she suffers an injury.  If they are to suffer a injury, one should consider having the injury evaluated/consulted with by a sports certified chiropractor.

cervicial spine imaging per chiropractic careMany chiropractors in Chicago say he/she treats sports injuries, but are not certified.  Becoming a sports certified chiropractor is a 1-3 year long post-graduate program that involves learning the various elements of sports injuries (management and evaluation of concussion, emergency procedures, upper body and lower body injuries, and imaging related to sports injuries-MRI, Cat Scans, X-rays).

There is a board certification exam at the end of the training to earn’s one certification and continuing education is required once the certification is achieved to maintain their status as a sports certified chiropractor.  Consulting with a sports certified chiropractor (CCSP or DACBSP) ensures that proper evaluation, examination, and management will take place for your sports injury.

There are several types of sports injuries (strains, sprains, fractures, and concussions to name a few), it is important to get the correct information when consulting with your sports certified chiropractor so you can make the right decision when it comes to your health.  Most people largely believe that chiropractors only treat spinal injuries, but sports certified chiropractors can address non-spinal sports injuries to receive the right management, treatment, and care to be able to get back to doing what you enjoy most.

Sports chiropractors know when to make the right referral for imaging, and to refer to another health care professional (orthopedists, surgeons, etc…) for the appropriate treatment of his/her sports injury.  The sooner one evaluates their sports injury by a sports chiropractor, the faster you can enjoy the great weather and outdoor activities Chicago offers for summertime fun!

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