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Knee Pain….Find the Cause!

As spring is in full swing with damp, cool, rainy days, Chicagoans are slowly getting outside to run more and be more active.  As the weather gets warm enough, runners and outdoor sporting activities will increase.  With these activities, comes the propensity to possibly develop knee pain from overuse/repetitive movement.  After taking a recent seminar, I walked away learning something new and learning something in a different way that ended up with the same outcome: Knee pain is caused from either your hip, foot, and/or lower back.  Athletes may think that he/she is overusing their knee from sports/activities, so it must be my knee.  Remember… your pain is not your problem.   

Knee pain can present in different ways through IT band compression injuries (the tissue on the outer part of the thigh that goes into the knee), runner’s or jumper’s knee (pain under the knee or on either side of the knee), or an actual structural injury to one of the stabilizing tissues (cartilage or ligament) to name a few.  It is important to distinguish through a detailed physical exam with a sports-certified chiropractor to arrive at the proper answer.  

Often, most people may consult with orthopedists to determine one’s knee pain.  Likely, the orthopedist will want to take images (X-rays, MRI), and if these images come back negative (meaning not surgical), he/she will refer for physical therapy.  The problem with this approach is likely the physical therapist is going to focus on the knee and not as much on the foot/hip/lower back stability.  Sports-certified chiropractors will focus on rehab in all of these areas to allow your knee to get stronger, healthier, and less prone to re-aggravation/new injury.  As part of your rehab care, Active Release Techniques (ART) should also be applied to areas near the knee, in the hip, and in the foot to increase flexibility and movement of the muscles and tendons moving these joints.  Finally, Kinesio tape may be utilized to help support the knee as one moves during their rehab and training to prevent further injury.  

Tackling knee pain quickly through these measures will ensure a proper recovery and allow you to continue to train.

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