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Shin pain from Running/Over Training

As spring is now here and running season has begun, many Chicagoans plan to go up and down the lake front training for either a short race or a much longer one. With runners getting outside more, it is important to take advantage of the beauty Chicago offers as summer comes into focus. However, with runners beginning their training for races to come in the future, one can develop shin pain from running too much or too often.

Shin pain from overtraining - Chicago sports and chiropractic information

The cause of shin pain is often overuse/overtraining when running. As one begins to train, it is often easy to run greater distances, faster speeds, or simply, just running more often without resting. As a result, shin pain can occur presenting likely as shin splints, or tibial tendonitis (AKA inflammation of the tendons that move the ankle/foot that begin in the shin). Several muscles can result in shin splints, but a sports-certified chiropractor and/or an ART® certified chiropractor can treat shin splints effectively. Having your shin evaluated and examined to rule out a stress fracture is typically done first before treatment can occur.

Once it is determined that you have may have shin splints, Active Release Techniques (ART)® certified chiropractors can effectively treat shin splints by stretching and breaking down the scar tissue formed from overuse. Adhesions accumulate quite quickly when the tissue is injured. ART® can prevent adhesions from causing limitations in your gait, and quite possibly pain developing in others areas near the shin (foot, Achilles, and/or knee). Also, Kinesis taping® is applied to the foot and lower leg to reduce strain and load placed on the shin. A few treatments are likely to help alleviate the discomfort. Furthermore, corrective exercises (by way of stretching, and foot care) will likely be given to avoid further injury and/or aggravation. As these exercises are incorporated into your training sports regimen, it should minimize the risk of your shins bothering you.

If you or someone you know has recently complained of shin pain while running or training, please reach out to someone to avoid missing what you enjoy and to stay injury-free this outdoor season!

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