Balance and Stability for ankle sprain prevention

Balance and Stability Will Prevent Ankle Sprains

Despite summer finally arriving in Chicago, the warm weather has finally allowed Chicagoans to get out and enjoy what makes Chicago great. From the volleyball courts at Montrose and North Ave. beaches, to the lakefront path, athletes can enjoy numerous outdoor activities. However, with these activities, one could suffer an ankle sprain. This post will address how to prevent ankle sprains from happening.

Because outer ankle sprains are so common and prevalent in sports, it is important to change one’s workouts up throughout the week. Cross-training uses your muscles differently to generate strength, mobility, and flexibility to prevent overuse to a particular part of the body. Additionally, cooling down properly will prevent one’s tissues from tightening and/or stiffening up from a work out. It is important to spend about 15-20 minutes cooling down from a 45-60 minute activity.

Ankle sprain prevention

Also, as part of one’s weight training regimen, balance and stability work are essential to preventing ankle sprains. Focusing on exercises that utilize balance and coordination on a bosu ball (1/2 domed ball) with and/or with weights helps to increase balance, flexibility, and coordination minimizing ankle pain and injury. Varying both the weights and exercises alongside mixing in speed workouts helps to strengthen one’s ankles, placing you at low risk for an ankle sprain. It is important to vary these workouts involving your lower body about every 4-6 weeks too to prevent injury here.

Chiropractic care through manipulation and rehab exercises too help one’s ankle. Sports certified chiropractors can help diagnose ankle injuries and work with patients to address function, mobility, and stability through corrective exercises. Active Release Techniques increases flexibility in the muscles and tendons, including the ligaments to allow better movement of one’s ankle, foot, and hips to prevent injury because one is activating the right muscle groups.

Consistency in following these tips will prevent an ankle sprain or minimize one if you suffer this injury. It is always your call. Take control of your health!

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