Lincoln Park Chiropractic & Sports Associates Celebrates 40 Years

Dr. Brian Marion Continues The Legacy of Lincoln Park Chiropractic.

Chicago, IL April  2019- Lincoln Park Chiropractic & Sports Associates celebrates 40 years in the community. As the practice commemorates this milestone, I want to thank our patients in and around the Lincoln Park community for your continuous support. In the history of the practice, there have only been three owners. Currently, I have operated Lincoln Park Chiropractic for the past six and a half years, as well as recently surpassing my 10th year in practice.

Dr. Marion is a Sports Certified Chiropractor (CCSP®) who specializes in Active Release Techniques®, a soft tissue technique and Kinesio taping® practitioner treating a variety of sports and non-sports related injuries.  With his ART® and CCSP® certifications, he is only one of two offices in Chicago that holds these certifications.

Our patients range from triathletes to runners to ballet dancers and hard-working Chicagoans, the practice continues to serve and educate the community on treating traditional chiropractic and sports-related injuries.

“We’re entering warmer months where people tend to increase training and activity that can lead to injury. I want the community to know that they have access to a neighborhood chiropractor that has their best health care needs in mind when an injury occurs,” states, Dr. Marion.

Dr. Marion understands the challenges that come with sports and exercise and suggests the following tips for workout regimens.

  1. Warm up – Prior to any exercise/sport
  • Warm up muscles to get joints moving for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Activity can include light exercise band work,high-knees, butt kicks, and mobility shoulder exercises (spelling Y-T-A with arms using TRX).
  1. Cooldown – Don’t skip your post-workout cooldown.
  • Stretch and foam roll for at least 30 seconds.
  • Plan for a post workout meal or shake to recover faster and reduce muscle soreness.

During the training season, Lincoln Park Chiropractic & Sports Associates would like to show its appreciation to the community, and patients by offering a free consultation and/or sports injury assessment. Call 773-248-2790 or email to improve your health today!

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