Lincoln Park Summer Sports

How Much you Can Do in Summer in Chicago’s Lincoln Park

Chicago’s warm weather allows local residents in Lincoln Park to enjoy the wonderful amenities of this old and well-known neighborhood. The free Lincoln Park Zoo and Conservatory allows residents to take your children, friends, and family to see animals, beautiful fauna, and to grab a picnic in the park following these activities. Also, with the beach nearby and lakefront path, there are lots of outdoor activities from running to biking to beach volleyball, residents can enjoy what makes Lincoln Park such a great place to live and work. Furthermore, there are numerous softball/baseball leagues that occur at various parks within Lincoln Park during the summer as another hobby/sport to enjoy.

Chicago Running Sports

As these activities make Lincoln Park so desirable to live and play in, it is also important to have quality health care providers who have your best interest if an injury occurs during your sport/activity. Lincoln Park Chiropractic is celebrating its 40th year in business in Lincoln Park this year. Considering the many businesses that come and go over the past 4 decades, Lincoln Park Chiropractic is a staple and mainstay in the community to help others who suffered muscle and joint injuries to their body as a result of sports or their job. Dr. Brian Marion has been the current owner just under 7 years and treats a variety of injuries due to his extensive background and training in sports injury management, evaluation, and diagnosis (with special consideration of concussions). Also, he implements rehab and corrective exercises, and Active Release Techniques (ART), a soft tissue stretching technique aimed at treating muscle, tendon, nerve, and ligament injuries to prevent injury from recurring. Residents should have peace-of-mind when an injury occurs that they can recover quickly hopefully and get back to doing what he/she enjoys most!

With numerous activities to do in Lincoln Park in the summer, it makes Chicago one reason why being here is so great!

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