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Treating Soft Tissue Injuries with Active Release Techniques (ART®)

As summer is here in Chicago, and many Chicagoans are running outdoors, biking, playing beach volleyball and softball, one gets to truly experience what makes Chicago great during the summer. With all of the summer sporting activities, one is likely to get injured and/or hurt. Often, with injury, soft tissue injuries are quite common when active. This post will address how your soft tissue injuries are treated effectively and efficiently.

When a soft tissue injury (to muscle, tendon, ligament, or nerve) occurs, the body begins a process of healing. Fibroblasts develop within these soft tissues to prevent further injury. As the soft tissue is repeatedly stressed due to movement, overuse, or repetitive activity, the tissue begins to thicken, forming scar tissue. One can stretch, foam roll, or receive a massage, but one should understand that the entire tissue is not affected, only a small portion of it. Active Release Techniques (ART)® is one of the leading soft tissue techniques to treat an injury one suffers while active. ART® aims at moving the affected injured area through a range of motion by releasing the scar tissue. ART® aims to improve the flexibility, mobility, and function of an injured tissue. Depending if the injury is acute or chronic, will influence how quickly ART® can heal the tissue. Injuries treated with ART tend to see improvement within a few visits. An ART® provider will perform a thorough exam to determine the root cause of the problem. This will ensure proper treatment to address the appropriate tissues to get you back to enjoying summer!

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