Active Release Techniques (ART) ® for Achilles Tendonitis

Runners, triathletes, cyclists, and sports athletes train hard and often throughout the year as a stress release, to attain a goal through one’s training (as a race), or just for fun. Through all the training, injuries can come about and one that is common with lower leg injuries from overuse is inflammation of the Achilles tendon or Achilles tendonitis. Achilles tendon pain will often present in the calf or at the bottom of the heel. Recognition, decision-making, and treatment will significantly affect the outcome and impact of one’s response.

Ankel disease disorder concept. Hands on foot tentacle with red spot as pain and swelling up.

When an Achilles tendon injury occurs, one should seek a health care professional for evaluation as soon as he/she can. Usually, Achilles tendonitis injuries do not compromise strength of the Achilles (as one may fear a tear when injured), but are more painful when lengthening the tendon (pressing heel into the ground or sometimes with pushing off the front of your foot). Health care providers with experience treating this include ART® certified chiropractors. These providers look not just at treating the Achilles tendon, but also any other areas that could contribute to the injury or the injury developing. ART® will help to lengthen the Achilles tendon, in addition to improving mobility and flexibility of the ankle and foot. ART® will reduce scar tissue or adhesions present around the tendon or the calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) that make up the Achilles tendon. Also, rehab exercises and Kinesiotape® will aid in the early stages of recovery to prevent worsening of the injury. ART® providers will also assess gait or movement to determine any other imbalances that are present in any other muscles or tendons to improve healing. It may take a few treatments depending on the length of time one suffered from this injury. However, if addressed quickly after occurring, healing time is shortened because the person is also following the recommendations of the ART® provider when it comes to training and other daily activities.

It is critical to address your Achilles tendon injury once it occurs and to not wait thinking it will go away on its own. ART® is effective at addressing the pain, but also the problem to get you back to training. Don’t wait until its too late!

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