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Chiropractic Care and Bunion Treatment… Small Changes make a Big Impact!

Most patients typically visit a chiropractic for neck, or back pain of some form. However, it should be noted that chiropractors can treat other injuries outside of the spine. One of the injuries treated by chiropractors when caught early enough are bunions. Bunions develop repeatedly wearing tie, fitting shoes, wearing heels, or with activity (wearing ballet pointe shoes or running shoes from not being properly fitted). Over time, scar tissue develops around the big toe creating calloused tissue due to the pressure against the big toe. The calloused tissue rubs against a bursa (fluid filled pocket to prevent rigidity or stiffness in the big toe) in this area of the big toe creating inflammation. When the bunion is inflamed, it will likely impact your remain active. As this issue continues, it will begin to slowly point the big toe toward the other toes eventually affecting your gait. This article will discuss simple things you can do to limit and minimize bunion formation.

As bunions go, they are painful when present and often, the main way people get relief involves wearing wider shoes or flip-flops. This can be a band-aid during inflammation, but prior to this happening, one should focus on a few different strategies. The 1st strategy comprises stretching the muscles that move the big toe (there are a few of them). The 2 muscles to stretch include bringing the big toe up and away from the other toes and holding for at least 30 seconds; the other, is tucking the big toe behind the other toes and holding for at least 30 seconds, performing both of these multiple times a day a few days weekly. The next strategy would utilize strengthening the deeper muscles of the foot to maintain a well supported arch to prevent additional compression to the big toe (grabbing a marble/towel with the middle part of your foot for multiple reps (10-20) a few days per week. The last strategy would ensure your ankles, feet, and toes are mobile and not rigid. Spending a few minutes daily moving these bones and joints in your feet loose will minimize pressure on the big toe.

These are simple tips to minimize bunion pain and formation. Active Release Technique (ART) certified chiropractors treat bunions with ART, chiropractic manipulation, and Kinesiotape to provide support and relief to one’s foot. If one can seek treatment early on before it gets worse, it will limit the impact in the future and hopefully, avoid surgery. Staying diligent and consistent with these recommendations in addition to seeking treatment for pain will speed up your recovery.

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