Active Release Techniques (ART)® Training/Certification: Not Easy to Maintain

Active Release Techniques (ART)® is 1 of the more useful and effective soft tissue techniques available today to treat overuse and repetitive injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Considering how effective it is in treating various soft tissue injuries, one should know that it is not easy to become ART® certified. Often, the seminars are quite rigorous because there is a lot of information that one learns during the 4 day seminar. Moreover, preparation is critical too as one needs time to prepare for the course (usually anywhere between 4-6 weeks) to review the detailed materials.

The 1 important skill that I believe a provider develops during these seminars is locating the correct anatomy during these seminars depending on the seminar’s body region (upper body, lower body, and spine). There are several instructors that are present at each seminar (lasting 3 days with the last day for practical testing) to help and guide you to locate the correct tissue, and to treat the tissue properly to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

Over the course of the 4 day seminar, you first learn the origin of ART® through the compiled research that Dr. Mike Leahy used to create ART®. Following the origins of ART® in the initial aspect of the seminar, you are broken into groups and a short video is watched of that particular protocol (muscle/tendon/ligament) before it is performed on the instructor of that group and practiced among individuals in your group. Throughout the weekend, you will have plenty of hands-on experience to feel and learn the various tissues of the particular body region you are enrolled in. ART® instructors ensure that when Monday comes around in your office that you are more proficient in helping patients with their injuries.

Finally, it takes time to become proficient in performing ART® on patients. One seminar gets you exposed to ART®, but practice, time, and taking either new body regions to become certified in or re-certifying in the same region. Continuing to build on your ART ® knowledge makes you a better provider because of your increased sense of palpation.

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