Sports Chiropractic in the Off-Season

Now that marathon and race season is largely over, one may have dealt with a lingering injury that he/she wanted to address. This is the time of year to address injuries that have not completely healed or may have come up late in the training season. It is important to now work on an off-season program with a sports chiropractor to reduce muscle imbalances, improve stability and strength, and function to be 100% for the upcoming season, which is only a few months away. Working with a sports chiropractor will help you address any weak areas that require rehab and likely Active Release Techniques (if certified) to heal any lingering/existing injuries and to prevent injuries for next year.

Sports chiropractors who work with runners, cyclists, Ironman triathletes, and other athletes emphasize an off season program typically centered around stability and functional mobility. More often, these athletes train for long periods and strenuously, so many of their muscles are overused leading to pain, dysfunction, and mobility/flexibility issues. Sports chiropractors look at athletes by analyzing how he/she moves as part of their physical exam. Then, sports chiropractors give corrective exercises alongside manipulation, to improve mobility and flexibility of these areas by activating weaker muscle groups, and reducing muscle tension in other muscles.

Addressing these issues with a sports chiropractor in the off season will ensure better health, reduced risk of injury, and faster times when the race season resumes next year.

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