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Chiropractic Care during the Coronavirus Crisis (COVID-19)

During these uncertain times, patients are hesitant to leave their home due to the shelter-in-place extended by Illinois Governor Pritzker until April 30. Other than bare necessities (toiletries, basic products, food), Chicagoans are concerned about getting outside. However, chiropractors are considered essential services and are taking additional precautions to ensure safety for of their patients. Chiropractors are taking the necessary precautions and cleaning all common surfaces, tables, and hands before and after every patient. Washing hands is the most critical component for chiropractors as we touch patients body and skin during their treatments. Also, washing hands for at least 20 seconds protects against transmission greatly considering the airborne nature of this terrible virus.

Chiropractic care to boost immune system

Chiropractic care helps to boost your immune system and it helps your nervous system function more optimally. Chiropractic manipulation and Active Release Techniques create more mobility, flexibility, and reduced muscle tension from sitting for longer periods while working from home. Moreover, stretching can aid too in maintaining flexibility and reduced muscle tension. Because exercising is becoming more challenging with gyms and fitness studios closing, getting adjusted and staying healthy is paramount to moving better and decreasing your risk of injury.

From an immune system standpoint, supplementing and eating healthier during this time does not prevent you from getting Covid, but it minimizes your risk of getting sick because you are getting the necessary nutrients. Consuming more B-vitamins, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, and other anti-inflammatory foods/supplements (turmeric/curcumin, blueberries to name a few) boost your immune system increasing your energy, reducing your fatigue, and making you less susceptible to getting sick.

These tools are not going to prevent transmission, but it makes you far less at risk to contracting any cold this spring or worst case, Covid. Take the necessary time to ask your health care professional/chiropractor about what supplements and dietary changes to make to keep your immune system optimum!

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