Chiropractic office in chicago open during coronavirus

Covid-19 and Chiropractic… Why We Remain Essential

The recent headlines dominating Coronavirus with the number of cases increasing along with the increased loss of life associated with this terrible virus in the United States, many individuals are unaware that chiropractors are considered essential. As chiropractors are considered essential, we are helping our patients deal with various injuries due to working from home more than ever now.

As Chicagoans adjust to working from home more, having a proper workspace is critical to preventing injury. Unfortunately, many individuals never worked from home much prior to Covid, so they have been left to working on their couch and/or bed hunching over for long periods. Also, some work and lean over their kitchen counter, and sit on a stool and not a well supported chair. These scenarios can create injuries to their neck, lower back, middle back, or even worse headaches that chiropractors can treat effectively.

Work from home during coromavirus pandemic.

Chiropractors treat musculoskeletal injuries that come about from overuse and repetitive movement. From a few of the work scenarios described briefly above, it is important to maintain proper mobility, flexibility, and movement during this time that has forced people largely indoors creating more inactivity.

Chiropractors are essential in improving that movement and preventing greater injury from occurring. Chiropractic care can include, is not limited to: manipulation, rehab exercises, and Active Release Techniques (if the provider is certified) to improve circulation, reduce the tension in one’s muscles and tendons from these repetitive habits, and enhance their function during these difficult times.

Despite organized activities on hold for the near future, if one begins a new sport/activity (running, biking, roller blading), one can learn how to take proper care of themselves by visiting a chiropractor near them to avoid missing time from remaining active. Remaining healthy and safe is imperative during this time, but seeking out chiropractic treatment will improve how the body moves, and prevent increased stiffness, muscle tension, and hence injury, so one can be proactive in their care once the shelter-in-place order lifts here in Chicago.

Our essential job is to keep people healthy preventing them from missing time with their family, their daily activities, and minimizing their ability to remain active. Stay safe and be sensible during these times!

Brian Marion, DC, CCSP, ART, CKTP

Lincoln Park Chiropractic 2202 N. Lincoln Ave Suite 1 Chicago, IL 60614 (773) 248-2790

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