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Chicago Marathon/Duathlon Season during Covid-19

As the pandemic continues to push Chicagoans to the limit while other states around IL begin to open and ease restrictions, the warmer weather is allowing Chicagoans to get outside more. As many Chicagoans planned prior to Covid-19 to run a race, compete in a duathlon, or possibly, complete an Ironman, one may have to take a different approach as many events have been postponed and/or canceled. Chicagoans are learning take advantage of what sports and/or activities they can perform without restrictions due to closures of the lake front path and gyms.

As running season would have been in full swing (prior to Covid-19) with weekly events, it is important to not lose focus and continue to train. With less car traffic on the roads currently, running and/or biking are 2 great cardiovascular activities to achieve enhanced fitness, endurance, and strength. You likely set goals prior to the running and/or biking season and your continued training will provide the opportunity and motivation to achieve this season’s goals. Having a few pairs of the correct shoes (running shoes for longer runs and minimalist shoes for short runs/speed work days) are necessary to prevent injury. Shoes last about 250-300 miles, so there is a good chance you will likely cycle through a few pairs through your running season.

Chicago marathon shoes

For cyclists, having the proper seat, checking your tires, chassis, brakes, and having the correct shoes are a few key items to ensure optimal rides and minimizing injury as you ramp up your training. With the warmer Illinois weather, riding for longer periods will allow you to destress as you focus on increasing your pace, distance, and/or power to achieve the goals you set out at the beginning of spring.

Addressing these concerns with a sports chiropractor or a health care professional knowledgable in these areas can mean the difference between a successful running/cycling season or one that may result in disappointment. A sports chiropractor can give you easy and effective tools to address any muscle imbalance issues (what to strengthen, stretch, and recovery tips) to ensure a healthy and injury-free summer.

Applying these tips will provide more happiness, less stress, and a way to channel your frustration at a time when we are all anxious and awaiting the opportunity to enjoy what makes Chicago great.

Brian Marion, DC, CCSP, ART, CKTP

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