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Active Release Techniques (ART)® During Chicago Summers

As Chicago moves from Phase III to Phase IV during the pandemic, it is going to allow the re-introduction of more activities, despite the restrictions that will be in effect for Phase IV. With the lake front path opening a few days ago, and gyms and fitness studios set to increase their capacity, Chicagoans will be itching to get back to some normalcy that was their exercise regimen 3+ months ago. With workouts likely involving face mask wearing, it should be noted that this will help to curb the spread of Covid locally. As Chicagoans increase their exercise regimen, injuries can occur due to overuse from these types of workouts (HIIT, and Olympic style weight training for example).

With overuse injuries possibly transpiring from resuming exercise at your gym or fitness studio, Active Release Techniques® can help keep you active by addressing soft tissue injuries occurring from your workouts. It treats a variety of soft tissue injuries, including hamstring strains, rotator cuff tendinitis, lower back pain, and neck pain to name a few. What makes ART® different is how quickly it can resolve soft tissue injuries. Often, a few treatments can begin to improve mobility, flexibility, and muscle tone in the affected area. When you see an ART® provider, one can thoroughly examine and evaluate the injured area to ensure effective and proper treatment. ART® providers will likely find compensating areas near the painful area to ensure that other areas do not become a problem as you continue to exercise. Finally, ART® providers can provide rehab exercises or different mechanics to avoid re-injury and to prevent additional treatment time.

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As you resume your workout regimen in Phase IV, don’t wait until it is too late when an injury occurs. Get it looked at quickly from an ART® provider to prevent you from missing time during the pandemic!

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