Seeing a Chiropractor is NOT Expensive!

Covid-19 and the pandemic it caused continues to afflict all of us in Chicago, we have to make adjustments to our daily routine. As Illinois remains in Phase IV, more personal services are now open to the public including gyms, fitness centers, and studios. It is important that wearing a mask still be followed diligently to prevent the spread to others and to protect yourself.

Now that Chicago is in the middle of summer, it is necessary to stay active as sitting in your apartment, condo, or home for long periods working from home is detrimental to your health. It is said that, “sitting is the new smoking” due to its harmful effects, including muscle loss due to disuse (aka disuse atrophy), poor posture, and possible weight gain. If an injury is to occur from sitting for too long or activity now that you feel more comfortable, visiting a chiropractor is not as expensive as you may think.

Despite how expensive other health care providers can be for consultations and/or injury visits, chiropractors offer cost-effective options to save you money and to provide the same quality care. compared to other health care providers. Chiropractors offer affordable care through a program known as ChiroHealth USA, a discounted medical program (DMPO).

It works in the following way: you pay a 1-time sign up fee for a provider who is enrolled with ChiroHealth USA of $49. After this fee, all providers apart of ChiroHealth have lower fee schedules than the respective insurance companies. Additionally, after paying the sign up fee, the discounts for services rendered are applied to anyone in your family (children, spouse) and are good in one’s office for 1 year from the date of sign up.

With insurance companies moving to a high deductible model in recent years, the cost of any health care should not be bestowed upon the patient. Chiropractors provide reasonable options to gets patients healthy, well, and to minimize injury so they do not have to spend a great deal of money in order to deal with a acute or chronic injury.

Take a few minutes when finding a Chicago chiropractor and inquire about your insurance vs. ChiroHealth USA when deciding to seek care for an injury. You’ll be glad you did to get you the results you seek without costing a great deal!

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