Chiropractic adjustment in Chicago one area or the entire spine

Chiropractic Care: 1 Region Vs. Entire Spine

As Chicagoans continue to endure the pandemic and all of its twists and turns, the majority continue to work from home. As Chicagoans continue to work from home indefinitely, it is important to have an ideal work space setup that can allow one to be productive, efficient, and minimize the likelihood of an injury. Working from home for long periods can create neck, upper back, shoulder pain, lower back pain to name a few. Poor posture from a poorly defined work space can create these issues thus prompting a potential visit to a chiropractor.

If one requires the service of a chiropractor, one will discuss potential treatment options for one’s injuries. Patients with no previous experience visiting a chiropractor may not be aware of the benefits of getting adjusted through your entire spine, rather than just the 1 injured area he/she may present to the office with. It is important to note that even though you may only have 1 injury, getting adjusted in 1 area will be helpful but you may have compensating areas that are not painful at the time of your initial visit.

Chiropractor consulting on spine in Lincoln Park 60614

Discussing your goals with your chiropractor as part of your treatment plan is critical to decide how many areas of the body one requires treatment in. Patients who receive chiropractic care in an area with no pain is not uncommon . Getting adjusted full spine allows for better mobility, flexibility, and decreased stress despite presenting with pain in just 1 area. Despite concerns of adjusting and treating an area that is not pain requires a thorough explanation by the chiropractor to ensure safety and comfort to allow treatment to be successful. Having a candid conversation ensures that you get the help you need for why you presented to the chiropractor, but also, to prevent something from happening in a different region before the pain comes on.

As the pandemic continues beyond 6 months, it is important to know that although chiropractic care can help the injured area, it may likely help other areas that did not bother you. Chiropractic care to 1 area of the spine or the entire spine ensures better overall health and minimizes future recurring episodes.

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