What Lincoln Park Chiropractic is doing for Covid in 2021

As 2021 began, there was promise of Covid-19 ending sooner rather than later, but based on the slow rollout of the vaccines, it likely will take until the end of this calendar year for life to return to some level of normalcy (hopefully). As the brutal cold affects Chicago and fellow Lincoln Parkers, people continue to work from home as the optimism of returning to work looms in the distant future. It is important that as Chicagoans and Lincoln Park residents continue to tough out the cold and work from home, Lincoln Park Chiropractic continues to resound as a long-standing community member helping those who suffer from muscle and joint pain.

As information continues to come in about Covid-19 and its impact, you should be assured that Lincoln Park Chiropractic is taking the necessary means to protect you and your loved ones should you suffer an injury or pain in your spine or non-spinal area(s). Dr. Marion takes your health seriously and because there is still so much unknown about Covid and how it impacts people, Dr. Marion and Lincoln Park Chiropractic are taking the necessary precautions to minimize risk if you decide to come in for chiropractic treatment.

Lincoln Park Chiropractic has been running 2 air purifiers in both of his treatment rooms (with HEPA filters) since November 2020 running 12 hours daily 5 days weekly that the office is open. This ensures proper air circulation to clean the air that may be present with Covid-19 particles. Also, EVERYONE, including Dr. Marion, is required to wear a mask at their appointments. If you forget yours, one will be provided for use during your visit. This ensures that no one is exposed as masks still are the primary form to reduce transmission when in an enclosed space.

Next, Dr. Marion washes his hands before and after each patient or uses an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to maintain hand cleanliness. Because keeping your hands clean is critical to preventing the spread, you can have confidence that Dr. Marion will maintain safety for you, your friends, and your family . Because chiropractic treatment involves using one’s hands, Dr. Marion understands the importance of this office protocol to continue to help fellow Chicagoans and Lincoln Parkers alike. Lastly, Dr. Marion uses Clorox wipes before and after each patient on every surface where the patient may have placed their belongings or touched (door handles, coat hooks, credit card terminal, treatment tables to name a few) to ensure a sanitary and clean environment.

These best practices have been utilized for about the past year to allow you to get the chiropractic care you need while not sacrificing your safety. We have been in the Lincoln Park community for 41 years and it is the trust you placed in Lincoln Park Chiropractic to continue its operation during a pandemic. Thank you!

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