Sports Chiropractic Care… It Begins With Your Core!

As Chicagoans are about to enter summer and the city has already begun to ease restrictions from Covid, more Chicagoans are engaging in team sports again, including softball and baseball, but also training for marathons, and triathlons around the country including Chicagoland. As practicing/training/playing increase over the next few weeks and months, it is important to train other parts of the body to avoid injury, most notably, your core muscles. By engaging and activating your core muscles consistently, you support and stabilize the spine, and surrounding non-spinal regions minimizing injury.

Most think of your core muscles as just your “6-pack muscles” (AKA rectus abdominus) and tightening them (like bracing) will engage your core. Unfortunately, this only tightens the front of your abdominal wall, but does not engage your core muscles. Your core is comprised of several muscles, including your transverse abdominus (TA), lower back rotatores and multifidus, internal and external obliques (IO, EO), pelvic floor, glutes (gluteus medius & minimus), and diaphragm. Think of these muscles as a 360 cylinder starting from your ribcage to your pelvic floor, and entirely around your trunk/torso. These muscles can work together to create more power, strength, and stability as you run, jump, and swing. Learning how to train them and control these muscles can make a huge impact in reducing lower back, middle back, hip, shoulder, and neck pain to name a few.

Patients who work with a sports chiropractor can learn how to train these muscles provided they have training in this area. Doing core strengthening exercises (ie planks, side-planks, push-ups) does not engage your core, but just strengthens certain muscles. Learning how to breathe properly and retrain these muscles takes time and consistency. Experienced sports chiropractors can work with athletes of all varieties to properly guide them in learning how to stabilize through their core muscles through corrective exercises to become stronger, faster, and more powerful in their sport or activity. This will result in less injuries, and allow you to push your body to its limits with regards to training. Ask the right questions when consulting with a health care professional to ensure you get the care you need.

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