How to Protect One’s Back & Prevent Pickleball Injuries.

As we trudge through a cold winter in Chicago, and the days are slowly becoming longer (with the sun setting later each day), Chicagoans are continuing to stay active. Whether running, playing basketball, weight training, or cycling classes to name a few, a sport that has increased traction and demand in the pandemic is pickleball. Similar to tennis, you can play 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 on a smaller court that combines elements of badminton, ping-pong, and tennis. Because pickleball involves a great deal of bending over/forward for long periods, it is important to know how to protect your body and receive treatment for any injuries suffered related to playing that will be addressed below.

Because of the competitive nature of pickleball through games and leagues played in Chicago, one may suffer an injury (or injuries) to his/her lower back, hip, knee, and ankle to name a few as a result of overuse. It is important to note that warming up prior to playing for 10-15 minutes incorporating mobility, and flexibility exercises to increase blood flow and to loosen up your muscles and joints, are critical to preventing injury.

If one is to suffer an injury from playing, seeking out a sports chiropractor can benefit your recovery by reducing time away from the court to heal faster with chiropractic treatment. Often, sports chiropractors will incorporate rehab and examine you thoroughly to determine the cause of injury and will help you move better through chiropractic manipulation, exercises, and Active Release Techniques (ART)(if certified). ART will help to improve mobility, flexibility, and subsequent function of the muscles and tendons in one’s hip, lower back, and knee. Sports chiropractors will discover and teach techniques to change how you move to avoid injury in the future. Moreover, chiropractic manipulation aligns and improves the health of the joints that are injured from playing pickleball. Lastly, corrective exercises will address the imbalances to make certain muscles stronger and more engaged to prevent overuse and injury. Taping may be utilized as a complementary tool to support the injured area as you receive treatment.

These tools help to prevent missing time from pickleball so you can become stronger, more stable, and healthier limiting time away from the court. If you get injured playing pickleball, know that a sports chiropractor can keep you in the game!

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