Picking the Right Chiropractor in your Neighborhood for your Health

As Chicagoans continue to endure the cold winter, we are forced to figure out when to leave our apartment/condo/house to get exercise. Exercising is really important as New Year’s resolutions are hopefully still in full effect, or you have decided to make a change to your nutrition to get healthy this year (Keto, Whole 30, dry-January-at least for the next few days :)). Because most Chicagoans are still working from home, having a good work from home setup is important to preventing injury in addition to exercising consistently (whether it be classes from home or in a studio). If injury does occur in 1 of these settings, it is important to know that chiropractors can help treat these injuries. Finding the right chiropractor is important toward establishing trust with someone who puts your interests first and wants to help you get back to doing what you enjoy most.

Finding a great chiropractor involves a few different elements outlined below. Certainly, convenience is almost always a surety when looking up chiropractors who work in my neighborhood. You want someone who is close, can work around your work schedule (having hours so you don’t have to miss work), and is available so you are not waiting weeks to get an initial appointment. When an injury occurs and you are in pain, you want answers quickly to figure out how this happened, what you can do to improve it, and what the chiropractor can do to help you safely, but effectively treat your injury(injuries).

ee The concept of the treatment of the spine. The doctor produces manipulation with the spine on a blue background.

Another important component to finding the right chiropractor is experience. Having someone who has been in practice for at least 10+ years ensures that he/she has seen a great deal of different kinds of patients, injuries, and knows what to do, the right questions to ask, and can listen well to arrive at the appropriate answers to treat your injuries so you can function and feel better sooner.

Lastly, credentials are necessary when searching for the right chiropractor in your neighborhood. Someone who has not taken a great deal of continuing education to better their practice and to maintain certain certifications (sports chiropractor (CCSP/DACBSP), Active Release Techniques (ART) to name a few) puts you at a disadvantage because they do not have the most current information to try to help you with 1 or several injuries you may present to his/her office with. Maintaining certifications or adding new certifications allows that chiropractor more avenues to treat your injury to achieve the results and success you should obtain by contacting his/her office.

These are a few items to search for when making a decision about your health should an injury arise. Reviews are certainly helpful online, but ask questions and learn about who puts your health 1st so you can not be in pain any longer!

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