How Active Release Techniques (ART) heals Neck Pain Quickly!

As the seasons move from a cold, Chicago winter to a moderate spring, and mask restrictions are eased through the city, more Chicagoans have already started the exodus of being more social, getting involved in additional activities, and returning to work in a hybrid manner. As Chicagoans continue to work from home/office, it is important to have a proper work setup to avoid injuries like headaches, neck, upper back pain, and shoulder discomfort that all can stem from a poor desk setup. Also, it should be noted that neck pain can happen from sleeping oddly too causing intense pain and limited movement in one’s neck. This post will address how Active Release Techniques (ART) relieves neck pain quickly to regain one’s movement, flexibility, and function and avoid neck pain.

Neck pain can persist from a variety of factors, including poor posture, not getting proper support from your neck pillow when sleeping, and sitting/standing for long periods. If an injury occurs, seeking out treatment to reduce one’s pain, regain one’s range of motion, and function are paramount to feeling better faster. Chiropractors treat neck pain commonly and chiropractors who are certified in ART can help one’s neck pain heal quicker because most neck pain cases result in soft tissue injury. ART involves stretching of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to reduce pain, improve mobility and flexibility of the affected muscles and tendons in one’s neck.

Because there are 6 layers of muscles in the cervical spine (back of the neck), an ART provider can determine what muscles (and subsequent layers) are involved with one’s neck pain to treat neck pain efficiently. Additionally, ART chiropractors utilize manipulation to realign the spinal joints in your neck to reduce inflammation and enhance your range of motion. Often, ART and chiropractic manipulation can ease neck pain in usually 3-6 visits, sometimes, even eliminating one’s neck pain altogether in this time. Having a thorough consultation and exam will propel the ART provider to treat the proper tissues so you can get the relief you need.

Lastly, ART chiropractors help those reconfigure one’s workspace to ensure an ideal setup to avoid neck pain from recurring and/or returning in the future. Also, chiropractor can recommend the correct pillow to sleep on to support your neck avoiding “kinking” it. It may take time to get comfortable with your new desk setup and/or pillow, but as long as you keep the course of the recommendations, one will likely stave off neck pain, allowing more time for sports, and other activities as the weather changes in Chicago.

Brian Marion, DC, CCSP, ART, CKTP

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