Chiropractic Treatment for Poor Posture… You Can Fix It!

As Chicagoans continue to engage in a hybrid format of working from home and commuting to their office, the 1 constant that remains is sitting/standing for long periods working on your computer. Despite a majority of Chicagoans who continue to work from home, having a proper work-from-home (WFH) setup is critical to avoiding injury. As a result of exhibiting a poor WFH setup, one’s posture will likely worsen resulting in injuries to your neck, upper back, middle back, and potentially lead to tension (aka muscular) headaches. It is important to know what to change for your setup whether at home or at work, and if symptoms come on, how chiropractic treatment can address your pain quickly.

Often, when poor posture develops, one may have not much pain, except in the form of tightness or tension in the muscles impacting the neck, shoulders, and upper/middle back. As one’s posture continues to slowly worsen due to sitting/standing for long periods and not configuring your workspace properly, the pain can begin to manifest as more achy, stiff, sore, and sometimes even, sharp. It is important to recognize these symptoms quickly so your pain and function does not worsen and limit you from exercising, performing your job, or doing other activities with your family.

Treating posture is easy and challenging due to its chronic nature.

Overworked woman with back pain in office sitting on chair with bad posture

Because most of us sit/stand for long periods working, it is important to remember that changing your posture is 1st about recognition. Being aware of your body position and ensuring proper changes consistently over time is likely the hardest element to execute. However, there are ways to continue to work on her posture besides having a Post-It note in the corner of your workspace with the word, “Posture?” nearby.

If your pain becomes annoying and necessary to deal with, visiting a chiropractor is 1 of the best options because chiropractors work on alignment and teach corrective exercises to maintain this position so your posture does not worsen leading to similar injuries in the future. Corrective exercises focused on core activation, trunk mobility, and flexibility of the spine and neck will minimize poor posture from continuing. Also, chiropractic manipulation will relieve tension and improve movement in the stiff and tight areas of the spine. Lastly, soft tissue work, specifically, Active Release Techniques (ART) will release scar tissue improving flexibility in the muscles responsible for keeping proper posture. Additionally, stretching your chest, and upper back and neck muscles will reduce tension, stiffness, and pain associated with your injuries.

A combination of elements are vital to correcting and maintaining proper posture both presently and in the future. If you begin to notice your posture changing, don’t wait to act before your pain becomes worse. Call a chiropractor to correct it and keep moving!

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