Having the Proper Work Setup to Avoid Injuries Later!

As Chicagoans continue to work from home, most employers have a hybrid formula for their employees, but some are still working exclusively from home. It is necessary if working from home to have a proper work-from-home (WFH) setup for a number of different reasons this blog will address. If you need help configuring your work space, consult with a chiropractor because they address posture and understand how your mechanics can affect your likelihood of experiencing an injury.

Creating the proper work setup is vital to preventing injury as you continue to work from home. There are a few simple tools to fix your WFH setup easily. You need to ensure that when working on your laptop/computer screen(s) that your eyes are level with the middle part of your screen(s). You will not have to bring your head down or up as you look on your screen for lengthy periods. Also, it will be easier when typing so you don’t have to look down at your keyboard to type and you can be more productive because you are exhibiting better posture.

These next two go together as one needs to sit at the back of one’s chair, and move your chair forward as close to your computer screen/laptop to avoid having to lean forward to worsen one’s posture. It will take time to adjust to these behaviors, but performing these repeated actions consistently over time will ensure that you fix your posture and avoid injuries, such as neck pain, upper back pain, and headaches to name a few.

Lastly, having your feet flat on the floor or using a footrest to provide an extension of the floor ensures that you exhibits better posture. Often, one may cross one’s legs or sit with 1 leg under the leg while sitting when working for long periods. Even worse, one may work from their couch, bed, barstool at one’s kitchen counter, or kitchen table.

Investing in a simple desk and chair can allow to create a space so you can configure your workspace to have a more productive and efficient setup while you continue to work from home. It may take time to get this right, but enlisting the help of a chiropractor to help improve your ergonomics will minimize injury and reduce the risk of suffering an injury due to your continue work demands.

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