Chiropractic Helps to Keep Your Stress Down!

As the holiday season passed and we now enter winter, hopefully, this has given fellow Chicagoans a chance to rest, relax, and recharge for 2023.  Hopefully, you had some time off between Christmas and New Years (or at least, work was much slower) to decompress and not be under as much stress at your job(s).  As 2023 now begins, your stress may increase due to the work you need to complete (from 2022), upcoming projects now entering the pipeline in 2023, or your business is poised for bigger growth. With more stress comes the components that stress brings: lack of sleep, physical ailments, and possibly digestive issues.  It is important to note that if your stress increases, you are incorporating exercise, and a well-balanced nutrition plan to mitigate some of the negative aspects of stress.

Stress can often lead to 3 types of ailments: physical, mental, and chemical.  Any change in the imbalance of 1 of these can lead to other changes in the other 2 categories.  Specifically, stress can cause physical symptoms (increased muscle tension, stiffness, headaches, limited movement in your muscles and joints), digestive issues (constipation, reflux/heartburn, diarrhea), and mental problems (anxiety, depression, difficulty falling asleep irritability).  If you have a great deal of stress in your life, visiting a chiropractor can reduce your stress.  Also, your chiropractor should discuss your nutrition and your exercise regimen to get a full picture of how stress is impacting these areas of your lifestyle too.

Chiropractic care diminishes the flight-or-flight response stress often brings.  Manipulation of the spine and stretching of the soft tissues contributing to your physical symptoms will increase the rest-and-digest mode in your body creating relaxation and less tension and stiffness through your muscles and joints.  Moreover, receiving Active Release Techniques (ART) can break down scar tissue in your muscles, tendons, improving movement and flexibility of the tissues stress impacted.  Also, it is important for the chiropractor to provide you with home-care instructions for stretching, ways of managing your stress, and discussing your current nutrition to consider making changes.  Stress is quite difficult to combat and manage when many different items are occurring at once, but chiropractic care can provide you the tools to deal with it when things happen.

As your stress begins to increase, consider visiting a chiropractor to help you so that you don’t feel the effects of stress long-term.

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