Cryotherapy and Chiropractic Care Combined Combat Inflammation!

Cryotherapy, or cold shock therapy, is a newer therapy introduced in the United States in the past 10-12 years.  It has a following among active individuals and all athletes alike (amateur, collegiate, and professional) looking to improve their recovery, increase circulation, and enhance their health by standing in extreme, colder temperatures for 2-3 minutes.  Most individuals have to wear gloves and socks, including possible warm hats to protect their brain, fingers, and lower limbs from frostbite in light of the short time spent in a cryotherapy machine/chamber.  Despite these risks, the health benefits can be numerous as this takes icing to a whole new level! Cryotherapy used in conjunction with chiropractic care can provide even further benefit which this post will address.

Cryotherapy includes and describes the benefits of reduced inflammation, pain recovery, muscle soreness, among other advantages, but in some cases, the effects are ever present with just 1 session.  You can tend to see longer term results in several sessions if you chose to purchase a membership locally.  Chiropractic care works very similarly to cryotherapy by decreasing pain, inflammation, improving flexibility & mobility, which results in enhanced function.  When used together, one tends to feel more well-rounded in allowing one’s body to move more efficiently, faster, and stronger due to less pain, swelling, and increased movement.  It may take a few cryotherapy sessions and chiropractic visits to feel better, but the benefits of both far outweigh the risks.  The long-term benefits of cryotherapy are still being studied, but the short-term benefits already exhibit value with athletes and active individuals as they train for marathons, 1/2 marathons, long-distance bike races, or a heavy weight training regimen.  The chronic and consistent load exerted on one’s muscles, joints, and tissues make athletes and active people prime candidates for overuse injuries which chiropractic care (via manipulation, stretching with Active Release Techniques (ART)) and cryotherapy minimize while training and playing. Although the resources committed to performing both treatments may seem great at first, the long-term benefits will greatly capitalize on your recovery, your goals, and your injuries so you have to stop doing what you enjoy.

Take a few minutes to ask questions when contacting either a local chiropractor (availability, insurance, time of visits) or cryotherapy (cost for 1 session vs. membership/packages) facility to see how both can help you today!

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