Have No Pain, but Still Want to Visit a Chiropractor? It’s Worth it!

As we are now in spring in Chicago, the weather is slowly improving, and Chicagoans are getting outside more. With more Chicagoans active, it is necessary to ensure that one is moving well as his/her exercise routine increases with summer upon us. It is often thought one only needs to go to a chiropractor if one sustains an injury. This post will address why it is important to visit a chiropractor before an injury occurs and not being in pain to seek out a chiropractor to avoid injury.

Visiting a chiropractor will allow you to figure out your strengths, weaknesses, and functional limitations as part of your initial consultation and exam. When visiting a chiropractor initially, seek out someone who deals with either sports injuries and/or does a great deal of rehab/corrective exercises as part of his/her office. This will allow the chiropractor to fully evaluate and give you tips/recommendations to ensure injury does not occur in the future. Also, ask the right questions when calling an office, or spend a few minutes on the internet searching out offices that align with what you enjoy.

Once you made the decision to visit a chiropractor, the chiropractor should complete a thorough history of what you wish to do (become more flexible, gain more strength, increase your mobility of your joints). The detailed exam performed should reveal what you can do/cannot do, and how you are moving impacts your joints relative to what areas are examined (neck, lower back, hips, ankles to name a few). The chiropractor can provide recommendations on what muscle groups require strength, what muscles need stretching, and what joints need mobilizing so you can move better overall. These recommendations will decrease any present muscle imbalances, improve overall movement, and reduce the risk of injury significantly.

Heeding these goals can allow one to have a great spring/summer, stay active, and not require the services of a chiropractor unless an injury occurs. When an injury does happen, visit your chiropractor that you saw for your consult/exam to now execute a treatment plan that will allow you to heal quickly, and feel better faster getting you back to doing what you enjoy!

Brian Marion, DC, CCSP, ART, CKTP, SMFA
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