Sports Chiropractic For Your Training This Summer

As summer is in full swing in Chicago, sports and outdoor activities.  Chicagoans and fellow Lincoln Parkers are training and staying active.  As running season continues to have events in and around Chicago, athletes are training often and consistently to run their race and meet their goal of either completing or placing.  Injuries may arise due to overtraining and who to see for your injuries will likely influence how much time one may miss (if any) to be able to complete your race.  It is critical that you stretch consistently, focus on mobilizing through the major joints (hips, T/S, C/S, L/S, and ankles), and consider other forms of exercise (from the main regimen you focus on) to help cross-train and avoid injury.

If injury occurs, visiting a sports chiropractor can properly evaluate, diagnose, and manage the injury.  Once a thorough consultation & examination is performed, treatment is discussed to execute treating one’s injury or injuries.  Also, recommendations for changes to one’s training must be discussed in order to minimize re-injury.  The sports chiropractor will likely perform manipulation, provide some corrective exercises to be completed outside the office, reinforce the injury with Kinesiotape/taping, and perform soft tissue work to loosen up the tight muscles affecting the injury (or injuries). The time with which the individual experienced their injury (or injuries) will influence their recovery.   The quicker one decides to address the injury, the less time one may likely miss from their training.  The more chronic an injury, the longer it is going to take to heal, and thus the more treatment that will likely be required, in addition to possibly missing time from training.

These measure listed above will help the athlete remain active, maintain their treatment regimen, and help them to achieve their goal of completing their race.  Because sports chiropractors treat a vast array of injuries, ask the right questions about your injury to see if that sports chiropractor is the right fit for you.  The importance of selecting the right Chicago sports chiropractor whether nearby Lincoln Park or elsewhere will enable you to reap the benefits of doing what you enjoy/love!

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