Chiropractic Care for Winter Sports Will Keep You Active in the Cold!

As Halloween fast approaches, and Chicagoans and Lincoln parkers alike get ready for shorter and colder days, it is still great to think we have experienced fall this year with the leaves changing colors so vividly and the cooler temperatures from our warm summer.  Many Chicagoans and Lincoln Parkers may be switching from golf and Pickleball (outdoors) to the slopes or ice as the winter season draws near.  With winter upcoming, some of these sports are already in swing (such as ice hockey, or basketball), but other sports such as skiing and snowboarding are on the horizon.  Whether you stay local, or travel East or West to ski and/or snowboard, it is important to get ahead of any nagging injuries from the summer so that you can enjoy these sports without worrying about an injury transpiring. You can take away a few items in the coming post about injury prevention when participating in winter sports and how chiropractic care can help when an injury occurs.

To minimize injury, one should consider spending 10-15 minutes of mobilizing the major joints anticipated to be utilized on the slopes or the ice, including your hips, spine (specifically, your neck, and your middle back), and your ankles.  These joints are quite mobile and if stiff, and/or tight, they can lead to muscle and joint problems due to compensation.  Mobility of the areas named above will increase circulation to these areas, and improve overall movement to get ready for the exercise demand ahead. Also, wearing compression sleeves (especially when at higher altitudes) can maintain circulation, but one should consult a sports chiropractor or sports medicine doctor if one has a circulation issue to ensure clearance for sport to avoid a stroke, or heart attack.

If somehow one develops an injury on the ice or slopes, you should have a sports chiropractor evaluate your injury at your earliest convenience.  Having an evaluation soon after your injury will help to determine the mechanism of injury (or simply how you became injured).  Some injuries on the ice or slopes can be traumatic, and in this case, X-rays or further imaging (MRI/CT scan) may be required to rule out any more serious injuries.  If the injury does not involve a significant tear of a muscle, tendon, or ligament, and a bone is not broken, chiropractic care can help you recover.  Once the proper diagnosis is made, chiropractic care can help your injuries through different routes allow proper healing.

Chiropractic manipulation, some type of soft tissue work (Active Release Techniques or Gua-Sha for example), and rehabilitative exercises are given to promote improved flexibility, mobility, and stability,  One needs to ensure that the injury does not recur or linger, so performing corrective/rehab exercises can ensure the tissues that may have caused the injury initially, do not continue to cause compensation or different movement patterns.  It may take a few visits for you to change how you move and to feel better, but once you begin to feel better, maintaining your progress will require about 10 minutes per day a few days weekly.  Sports chiropractors want to ensure you do not miss time from what you enjoy/love, but also do not want to see you in their office again soon because of not following treatment recommendations.

As you take the necessary steps to treat an injury or do what is necessary to avoid injury, this will keep you outside, active, and ensure a great workout this winter.

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