Finding the Right Chiropractor for Your Injury… Look for these Elements!

Spring is around the corner and for Chicagoans and fellow Lincoln Parkers, it means that the weather is improving and outdoor activities are soon upon us.  As you continue to stick to your 2024 goals and/or build upon your 2023 objectives related to nutrition and exercise, it is important to continue working on keeping your joints mobile, and your muscles flexible/loose to avoid any injuries.  If injury is to occur from exercise, or sport, finding the right chiropractor is important to getting back to doing what you want swiftly, but safely.  Asking the right questions and discovering how the chiropractor (sports certified from sports injury/exercise) can help you is vital to your recovery.  This post addresses the key elements to look for when receiving proper care from the right chiropractor (or sports chiropractor ) with your pain/injury.

When an injury occurs from sports or exercise, look for the courtesy and responsiveness when calling.  Having someone answer any and all questions, related to availability, insurance (verifying your coverage), and convenience when you call the office are important factors in taking the next step to recovery.  The front office/sports chiropractor should discuss this information before you decide to schedule.  This will put your mind at ease as you will know how much it may cost for your initial visit and how quickly you can be seen –same day, or within 1-2 days.

Another important element before scheduling an appointment is posted reviews.  With information so accessible nowadays on your phone/tablet/computer, reading feedback from other patients gives you the opportunity to learn about the chiropractic office indirectly.  Compassion, honesty, and transparency are important traits in allowing you to receive the proper chiropractic care for your injury (or injuries).  Practices in the Lincoln Park community for decades enable trust and positive feedback from patients due to its longevity of taking care of thousands of patients for various health care needs. Pay attention to recent reviews to gather as much information to make the right decision for your injuries.

Lastly, if all of your previous questions have been answered, but you still want to confirm you are the right fit for the chiropractic office, inquire about asking to speak to the doctor for a few minutes.  The chiropractor will ask questions and go over their plan related to your injury to get an idea if this is an injury they have experiencing treating.  This creates a sense of comfort in knowing that they can likely help your pain and injury.

Hope this outlines what to look for before contacting and visiting an office in Lincoln Park, within Chicago.  Use these tips (to your advantage) to build trust with the right chiropractor for your health care needs, whether present or future.

Brian Marion, DC, CCSP, ART, SMFA, CKTP

Lincoln Park Chiropractic 2202 N. Lincoln Ave Suite 1 Chicago, IL 60614

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